erica cheng

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Projects I am Intersted in...

I like the project about immigration experience website from Meg, Drew and Andrea. Also, I am interested in the Greenlake community website project from Ingrid. I think the first project can help people understand and appreciate various cultures and backgrounds the immgrants bring to Seattle. In long term the website can establish the multicutural trends and broaden people's scopes on different cultures. Compared with the immigration experience website, the Greenlake community website does not address broadly enough to the whole Seattle area. However, I think the idea is really great! First, the information provided on the website is abundant, useful and attractive to me. Second, I think it can bring more business opportunities and development in Greenlake community area. In my opinion, the project can be broadened by extending the introduced communities, instead of focusing only on Greenlake community.


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