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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My personal goals & the team roles

My personal goals in the class project team are to learn how to construct and manage a website, how to build up and maintain interactivity with the readers, as well as how to achieve team building and good cooperation among members. I don't have technical background on estabilshing a website. Thus, I feel eager to learn the related technologies. I also feel like learning how to combine the text, audio, and video content on the website effectively and attractively. In addition, I hope to gain good interactivity with my readers. I aim to use effective contents (text-based, audio, and video) to let my readers easily understand my pursuit on the website. In return the readers can provide their feedback and I can know how to improve the contents so as to make the website more attractive to my targeted readers. Finally, through the process of working together for the class project, I aim to learn how to communicate efficiently and properly with each member. I think it is necessary to firstly understand the strength and weakness of each team member, and then we can share our personal experience and comments on our respective positions. That may help group members mutually come to get familiar with the positions that are not their professional fields. Through understanding each others’ fields, the members can give more useful feedback or suggestion to enhance the team collaboration.

I prefer to play the roles as an editor and a graphical designer. I am intersted in reading people's work and sharing my thoughts with the authors. Also, I expect myself to be able to bridge the communication between authors and readers. In addition to the text-related work, I am eager to learn how to design the appearance of a website as well as the display of the contents. Thus, I feel like to trying the jobs a graphical designer take.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I am not good at the technical matters. Therefore, I prefer not to take the roles as information architect or programmers.


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