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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Reading summary: Media Technology and Society


The figure that shows progress of transformation in media technology (science-->ideation-->technology) (prototype--> invention-->diffusion) is really helpful in explaining as well as understanding the development of media technologies.

Moreover, supervening social necessity and suppression of radical potential are two key elements that affect the technology being accepted or rejected. Applying to the development of 3G high-speed data service, it is crucial whether the existing mobile phone users feel necessary or "convenient" to shift to the new networks, or there may be other rival technologies vying for the mobile data service marketplace. Yet, under the commercial type of supervening social necessities (e.g.price-cut or promotion), 3G data service may still be able to diffused in the existing mobile phone market, and possibly be granted some market share.

The other two types of social necessities--consequences of social change and effects of other technological advances, can be applied into the timing to fully launch 3G data service and the maturity of the corresponding networks and devices, respectively.

To apply the suppression of radical potential viewpoint to my research, I plan to take a look of the transition from 2G to 3G networks, to see if there is the "suppression" from the government or other institutions in order to smooth the transition. For example, China is reported to limit the number of 3G licenses, so as to prevent overheated competition. In addition, rival technologies and patent war are also main "suppressions" to delay the development of 3G service.

Chapter 1: The Telegraph:

In the history or telegraph development, the railway safety created the supervening social necessity for telegraph. However, it is pointed out that the railway safety was not strong enough to sustain to ensure the diffusion of telegraph. New applications such as newspaper and stock market helped the diffusion of the technology. It reminds me to look for possible new applications on the 3G data service, so as to see if there are sufficient supervening social necessities to sustain this business.


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger davidcho said…

    Erica....great review and relating to your 3G topic. Maybe you can comment on will the US ever catch up to Asia's 3G market or be ahead in the cellphone advanced technology ever? Should the US gov't interven with 3G in order to speed things up?

  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger Camille said…

    Erica, I presume when you are talking about rival technologies you will be discussing VOIP. I think it could be helpful to briefly discuss VOIP and how this might affect reaching critical mass in 3-G. Given the position of e-bay in attaining Skype for purposes we can only assume are to increase Skype's presence and to move this techonology to the forefront beyond 3-G, measured references and information on VOIP would seem to be appropriate. I'm just curious to learn about what you specifically think VOIP's effect will be.

  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger erica cheng said…

    Thanks for the feebacks~!!

    Well, for Camille's question, for now I can just think of the competition that the possible development of "mobile" VOIP will bring to the high-speed data service market. It may accelarate mobile operators' speed to promote the 3G service and cause them to deliver cheaper rate...
    Also, as David suggests, US government may intervene and regulate the market competitions, kind of enforcing the law suppression of radical potential.

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